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My Great Nephew Easton was born March 1st with a Congenial Diaphragmatic Hernia. He's on a Ecmo machine at Vanderbilt Hosp. in Nashville,TN. We're Praying for a Miracle -Dr's said "he can only be on Ecmo for 6 more days before they have to disconnect the life support". + Update 3/10 Mommy Kim said "doing surgery Monday, will keep him on machine if he does better, if not they will take him off". Please keep Praying .+ UPDATE ...3/10 p.m. Kim said" They let Easton wakeup today. He is urinating better, and the fluid is better, he still can't open his eyes because of swelling.+ UPDATE 3/11 Kim said he was the same but moving around today!! Praise JESUS + UPDATE 3/12 Easton is still the same no change since yesterday - which is GOOD! Tomorrow when you go to church please Give a Praise report on what our Lord is doing for Easton. Surgery is still planned for Monday. + UPDATE 3/13 Kim said "they may not do the surgery tomorrow they think he has an infection". Pray,Pray Please. + UPDATE 3/14 Dr's said they cannot operate due to all the fluid, blood infection, and blood clots,they are saying they have pretty much done all they can for him. But, I know a Great and Mighty physician named JESUS and he has given me HOPE. Hope till our last breath here on this earth is taken. Please continue to Pray for a Miracle for Easton - God's will be done. +UPDATE 3/15 Easton is not better Dr's were wanting Mommy and Daddy to make a decision to take him off today but they couldn't so if no changes the Dr's will make the decision Fri and give family time to spend with him. Jesus is STILL in Control !!! +UPDATE 3-16 Kim said " We just spoke to Doc Easton has turned in the right direction! So far they're saying if he keeps it up they will do surgery tomorrow or Fri!! Praise the Lord!! Boy our Lil Easton sure is a fighter huh!!!Pray Pray and Pray some more guys!!! + UPDATE 3/17 Kim said as of right now Easton's Surgery is planned for Sat. Keep up the Prayers to our Lord and Savior - for a complete Healing for Baby Easton +UPDATE 3/18 Dr's have decided to try to drain more excess fluid from his heart and lungs before they do Easton's surgery. + UPDATE 3/19 Easton had to have a EKG today he was having problems, now they are trying to remove more fluid again. Hopefully surgery can be done Monday God Willing.+UPDATE 3/20 Kim said " Surgery maybe tomorrow or Tues, his lung collapsed today. If they don't do it this week we're headed back into danger-zone again. Pray for his 14 mo. old Bro Tyler he has Gastroenteritis - he was in the ER today". Pray forKim she's been having chest pains - most likely due to stress and Daddy Adam - he hasn't been able to go to work since days before Easton was born March 1st. They live 4-5 hrs away. Lord we ask that you just Bless and keep your Loving Hands on this precious Family.+UPDATE 3/21 Easton had his surgery today. Praise the Lord! After putting his organs back in their proper place there wasn't room for his intestine's yet, they are in a tube like thing for now. He has internal bleeding and is still very sick. Please continue to pray for Baby Easton.+UPDATE 3/22 It's been up and down for Easton since his surgery. He has been vomiting blood, and still filling with fluid. He will be weaned of ecmo soon. This lil guy sure is fighting to live, Praise the Lord. Keep on Praying for his Miracle :) +UPDATE 3/23 Baby Easton is due to come off Ecmo today, they aren't sure how well he will do. He is still building up w/ fluid and bleeding. Our Prayers go out for Lil Easton and his Mommy and Daddy for strength. +UPDATE 3/23 p.m. Easton is off ECMO his lungs aren't working good and that's causing his heart to over work and BP is dropping. Lord he needs your healing touch right now.+UPDATE 3/24 Kim said "Doc's said Easton's chance is BETTER"!! Praise God, and Thanks for the up lifted Prayers to him everyone ! + UPDATE: 3/25 Easton is still doing good today! Thank You Jesus. His Nana and Papaw went to see him again today it's about a 4-5 hr trip. - Pray that they have a safe trip there and back.+UPDATE 3/26 Doc's think Easton might have Pneumonia :( Please keep praying for him to get over this. + Update 3/27 Doc's are treating him for a infection, he is on a ventilator for now. Doc's are amazed at his strength - he is a fighter no doubt. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers. ++ UPDATE 3/28 Kim said " Easton is not doing good today - his main artery to his Heart has blood-clotted, his body is filling up with carbon dioxide, has fluid in his lungs, and body is full of infection - Doc's say he has a 10% chance right now." PLEASE BE IN PRAYER FOR BABY EASTON EVERYONE. + UPDATE 3/29 Kim said Easton is still the same, not doing well. Please keep ALL of them in your prayer's during this trying time. + UPDATE 3/30 Kim and Adam are awaiting the tests results this afternoon. BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH in Baby Easton's Miracle !+ UPDATE 3/30 Kim said the fever is down but the med's didn't take care of the blood clots, they will try one more time then talk to the cardiologist if it doesn't work. Our Jesus is Mighty to Heal! Keep Believing. +UPDATE 3/31 Kim said "All of Easton's organs are failing, Doc said he is deteriorating". We are not giving up on Easton, Jesus is still in control of this lil baby. Please pray hard for Easton everyone. + UPDATE 4/1 Kim said "he is doing better, got oxygen down to 58%, urinating better so they said he was improving he just has to keep it up". All the Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for his healing powers! Please continue to believe and have Faith for Easton's Miracle . Update 4/2 Adam said Easton's acting better today, pray for Tyler he is sick, may have ear infections. When you go to church today please give a praise report on how Mighty our Lord is. +UPDATE 4/3 Kim said " His urine output and blood gages are getting worse and has to get more blood, blood clots still there". Seems like a roller coaster but - Jesus is in charge.+UPDATE 4/4 Easton is still doing the same, But Tyler is better now - Praise our Lord.+ Update 4/5 Kim said no change in Easton. +Update 4/6 Kim said Easton's hanging in there.+ Update 4/7 They are able to put his intestine's back inside now. God Bless them ♥ +Update 4/8 Easton is swelling back up again. His fever is down now. Keep on Praying Please. + Update 4/9 Easton is not doing well at all. Dr's are at a point where they may be hurting him instead of helping him. Kim and Adam will be meeting with all the Dr.s today. Please be Praying for the Family too at this time. Update 4/10 It was decided to let Lil Easton go on to be with our Lord - he is in Heaven now and has been Completely Healed. Thank you Jesus for our Miracle - Lil Baby Boy Easton - his life has lead and will continue to lead many to our Savior Jesus Christ by the Trust, Love, Faith shown by other's.

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