Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colleen's Reading Corner

Overview of

Julia Hamilton's intent on building a life with Evan, looking forward instead of back. But then, Evan dies. A despondent Julia questions her ability to start over. Again. When she encounters Jake Winston, it leads to a connection neither one seems prepared for. Now, Julia battles grief, guilt, and heartbreak from her past--pain she thought she'd dealt with long ago. Her best friend insists this thing with Jake is a new beginning, but Julia remains uncertain. She questions the direction her life should take and fears the loss of so many may still define her.
 Faced with financial ruin, Julia turns to Jake for help, but soon discovers he has complications of his own. Then, she learns of a betrayal by the one person she thought she knew. A betrayal that leaves Julia questioning everything and everyone, herself, most of all.
This is contemporary fiction that explores one woman's journey, from the abyss that is grief, where she learns to start over to the discovery of who she is and who she loves in the process. Seeing Julia is an emotional read that will captivate readers with the novel's twists and turns in story line.

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