Saturday, June 9, 2012


Dawn Loggins
A once-homeless girl who worked as a janitor is heading to Harvard. The recent high school grad and North Carolina native Dawn Loggins has truly overcome the odds to achieve such a feat. Throughout childhood she endured evictions, a parent abusing drugs, and hunger. Loggins said while she was homeless she would seek shelter at friends’ houses.
The bright teen found solace when she was sent back to school her junior year, but returned to find herself without her parents. They had moved away, leaving her to fend for herself. It was a school employee who took Loggins in and she began working as a janitor to support herself.

Loggins knows she’s no ordinary statistic, as many in her situation may turn to crime or drugs. A degree from Harvard University will help give her something she never had growing up: stability. Loggins is determined, saying, “My future is going to be great and I know it is, and Harvard is going to make that happen; but also it’s stability — I’m not going to have to worry about where my meals are coming from or where I’m going to sleep at night.”


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