Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am Blessed

I am Blessed
By: Rachael Lampa
I may never climb a mountain,So I could see the word from there.
I may never ride the waves,And taste the salty ocean air.
Or build a bridge,That would last a hundred years.
But no matter where the road leads,
One thing is always clear...
I am blessed,I am blessed,
From when I rise up in the morning,'
Till I lay my head to rest,And I feel you near me,
You sooth me when I'm weary.Oh, Lord,
For all the worst and all the best,
I am blessed.All along the road less traveled,I have crawled and I have run.
I have wandered through the winds and rains,Until I found the sun.
But watching eyes,Asked me why, I walk this narrow way,
There may never be a reason,
For the hope I have today....
You've given me joy,You've given me love,You give me stength,When I want to give up.You came from heaven,
To rescue my soul.You are the reason,I know,I know.

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