Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

I do not know who wrote this saying, but what I do know is it has been around forever.
Memories of my classmates using it as we thought we were so clever, only thing we did not know was that the people we were telling it to had grown up with the saying also.
With saying the” first day of the rest of our lives,” does it mean each day we get a fresh start? We can undo the wrongs we had done in the past? We can mend the hurts we have caused in the past? Will I waste it or will I make some good come from it? Will I be smart enough to use it so that the fresh start is worth it?
BUT, did you ever realize that this could also be the LAST DAY of your life?
Never end the day on a bitter note. Make sure you tell those you love how you feel. Make sure you make amends with those you had cross words with. Do not put it off till tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. Have you made amends with your God? Do not let the Devil leave harsh thoughts in your mind and hurtful words on your tongue. Do not let darkness overshadow you, let Love shine in your heart and soul.
Make time with your family count EVERYDAY. Sit down to eat together. Spend time talking. Find out what is going on in your child’s life, what interests they have, who their friends are. Hug your child and above all tell them you love them and are there for them.
Make time for your spouse. Listen to even what you may think is the silliest topic, it is important to them. Then take your turn to tell your spouse your feelings, and concerns.
Keep in touch with family members. Tell them you love them.
Keep in touch with old friends. Remember old times and let them know how much their friendships mean to you.
Remember today is the FIRST DAY of the REST OF YOUR LIFE. DO NOT WASTE IT. We are given ONE LIFE make it worthwhile.

Have a Blessed day.

Colleen Couvillon Gough

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